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A saga rich in mystery and intrigue! Michelle expertly weaves several diverse characters into one, well developed plot line that has me begging for Book 2

You will not regret this page turner, and it will leave you wanting more!

Bre, on The Locket


NOW AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY at Amazon stores internationally! 

The Order

The Order Trilogy: Book 2

Released March 23, 2023

An innocent object in the wrong hands can be

dangerous. . .


Agent Burgh is down a man, should be dead, and just went rogue. After relinquishing the locket to the Keeper, doubt snakes through his team: should the Order hold the balance of life and death?


Betrayed and broken, Burgh must pick himself up to protect the very thing that turned his world upside down.


Threats loom around every corner as he battles a mysterious enemy, but nothing can prepare him for what he’s about to uncover.


Can he buy the Order enough time to resurrect itself?

The ending will leave you speechless!

The Order Cover final PNG.png
The Locket book cover. A faceless, hooded figure in a cloak holding a glowing locket.

Find Michelle's DEBUT novel  EXCLUSIVELY at Amazon stores internationally! AVAILABLE in E-book and Paperback. 

The Order Trilogy: Book 1

The Locket

Released February 22, 2022

Agent Burgh is about to find out an  unnerving  secret:   the  supernatural is real—and all logic aside, his team is the only one for the job!


For a decade humanity was safe —safe from an impossible evil that was locked away in the darkest vaults of a department that only the privileged knew existed—until someone slipped through the cracks. Now, the thief holds the weapon in the palm of her hand—inside of…the locket—ready to return it to the cult that can harness its power.


As  Burgh  pursues  the  thief across international waters, he is determined to suspend his disbelief for the greater good. But there are secrets around  every turn that trigger old wounds and new insecurities. He is torn between following orders and following his intuition as his team begins to unravel the chilling truth behind the enigma that is the locket.


Can Burgh make the right call or will he be the one to cripple humanity?

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About Michelle

Michelle Konde is the author of The Order Trilogy—an espionage adventure with a supernatural twist, filled with suspense and intrigue.


Writing has always been the most consistent part of her life, but  you never know what to expect from this secret badass. You can find her shredding the ski slopes, experimenting in the kitchen, or traveling. She speaks English, Slovak, and some Korean.


Did you know Michelle creates all of her visuals and does her own formatting?

For a full sensory experience, including BONUS content, check out her official Instagram page HERE and sign up for the monthly newsletter.

A photo of thriller author Michelle Konde.

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